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Lawyer Kris Barber is focused on addressing those who have been exploited by a bike mishap, from the harmed rider to their family and friends and family. From quantifiable misfortunes, for example, doctor’s visit expenses and lost pay to harms that would never be placed into a dollar sum — like the physical and close to home torment that goes with a cruiser mishap — The Barber Law Firm is focused on aiding the individuals who are confronting enough crushing fallout of a bike mishap get the equity.

Tragically, the territory of Texas is home to surprisingly cruiser mishaps — in 2017 alone, bike mishaps killed 499 bikers in the state. Because of the great degree of openness that motorcyclists face while on their bicycles, bike mishaps produce undeniably more serious wounds than a conventional auto collision. As a general rule, cruiser mishaps happen on the grounds that trucks or car drivers basically don’t see them. At the point when this peril of low perceivability — particularly around evening time — is combined with a lower level of insurance, motorcyclists are incredibly powerless against wounds.

On the off chance that you or somebody you love has been harmed in a cruiser mishap and might want to more deeply study the legitimate privileges and cures accessible to you, don’t stand by a second longer — call the bike mishap legal advisors at The Barber Law Firm to plan a free discussion with one of our accomplished lawyers.


Knowing the subsequent stages to take after you’ve been engaged with a cruiser mishap is critical to safeguarding your lawful freedoms and guaranteeing the best possibilities of a fruitful result. In the event that you’re the survivor of a new cruiser mishap, remember coming up next do’s and don’ts.


  • Call the police following your mishap, and request a duplicate of the answering official’s police report. The proof gave in this report can represent the moment of truth a potential individual physical issue guarantee.
  • Look for clinical consideration quickly, regardless of whether you believe that you are alright. The adrenaline that follows contribution in a bike mishap can reduce the aggravation of your wounds. When the shock wears off, notwithstanding, you might understand that you’ve supported surprisingly difficult wounds.
  • Take more than adequate photographs of the mishap scene. Make certain to incorporate photos of the harm to your cruiser, harm to the next vehicle, and any noticeable wounds that you have supported. Likewise attempt to take photographs of the location of the mishap that shows the area and position of your cruiser and the other vehicle, alongside any deterrents or street perils that might have added to the mishap.
  • Call a bike mishap lawyer quickly after your mishap, regardless of whether you believe that you need to record an individual physical issue guarantee. A carefully prepared bike mishap lawyer has legitimate information and experience that can assist you with deciding whether you could profit from documenting a case.
  • Keep sufficient records following your mishap. Monitoring hospital expenses, costs, time missed from work, and how you feel in the consequence of your mishap can give serious areas of strength for a to any expected legitimate activity.


  • Move any of the vehicles associated with your mishap except if it is legally necessary or it is perilous to leave the vehicles where they are. The position and heading of both your cruiser and the other vehicle can assist an answering with officering figure out who was to blame in your bike mishap.
  • Say anything else than you need to after your mishap. When you inquire as to whether the other individual or individuals engaged with the mishap are OK, downplay the discussion. Things that might sound innocuous in some other conditions could be understood as conceding shortcoming after your mishap.
  • Sign any desk work under the steady gaze of conversing with a legal counselor. After your mishap, you’ll presumably get a heap of desk work from an insurance agency. Continuously have a bike mishap lawyer survey any report that you are approached to sign.
  • Get to know the protection agent. At the point when you converse with an insurance agency, recall that the people on the opposite stopping point are prepared to safeguard the interests of the insurance agency, not yours.


After you have been engaged with a bike mishap, you should get one of the most basic bits of proof in an individual injury case — a police report. This report sums up the vital data connected with your mishap and may state who was to blame in view of the cop’s assessment of how the mishap happened. The report additionally contains other significant data like the contact data of each party, alongside which insurance transporter the gatherings are covered under a protection contract number.

Instructions to Obtain a Police Report for Your Motorcycle Accident

In the event that the cop who answered your cruiser mishap didn’t give you a duplicate of his police report, you should call your nearby police division to demand a duplicate of the report. There might be an expense charged to get a duplicate of the police report, however it is cash is very much spent. This report is significant with regards to an individual physical issue settlement for your bike mishap.


Since cruisers are more modest than different vehicles, they can now and again be difficult to see, particularly around evening time and in changing weather patterns. We prescribe that motorcyclists follow these tips to remain protected on the streets:

  • Be as noticeable to different drivers as could really be expected. Most cruiser mishaps are associated with low bike perceivability. By keeping your headlights on during the daytime, wearing intelligent stuff, and furnishing your bicycle with a fairing or windshield, you will improve the probability that different drivers will see you.
  • Get legitimate preparation. Motorcyclists who are thoroughly prepared on the most proficient method to ride and really focus on their bicycles are genuinely less inclined to be associated with cruiser mishaps than riders who are self-educated. Preparing and experience might assist you with answering a hazardous circumstance so as to keep away from an impact.
  • Wear the right stuff. Your best security against a serious physical issue in a cruiser mishap will be your cap. Head protectors for motorcyclists are like safety belts for drivers. Wearing a protective cap is a basic method for decreasing the probability that a mishap you are engaged with will be deadly. It is likewise critical to Wear eye security. Wind and glare can decrease your capacity to see and answer a snag in your way. Gloves, suitable footwear, leg watches and coats limit scraped areas when mishaps really do happen


Regardless of how much consideration is taken by bikers and drivers the same, Thousands of motorcyclists succumb to a cruiser mishap in the province of Texas every year. Sadly, the misfortunes that a biker experiences after a cruiser mishap are normally serious. There is potential for those are harmed in a bike mishap, in any case an effective individual injury guarantee can give the monetary pay that a cruiser mishap casualty requirements to revamp their life after the disaster area.

Pay that a harmed motorcyclist can recuperate from a fruitful individual physical issue guarantee likewise referred to in the legitimate world as “harms”- can be isolated into three classes: financial, non-monetary, and correctional.

Financial Damages

Financial harms are pay accommodated misfortunes endured by a motorcyclist which can be reduced to a numeric worth. Instances of financial harms that a motorcyclist can recuperate after an accident include:

  • Doctor’s visit expenses. After a cruiser mishap, a biker can rapidly start to suffocate in doctor’s visit expenses caused in treating their wounds. An effective individual physical issue guarantee can give remuneration to cover these costs and get requesting assortment organizations utilized by clinical suppliers away from you.
  • Recovery, clinical hardware, and long haul care. The wounds that a motorcyclist can experience in a cruiser crash can take a significant measure of work and assets to recuperate from. Expenses of restoration to recapture strength after a mishap, alongside clinical hardware like a walker, wheelchair, or other versatility gadget are recoverable in an individual injury guarantee. In situations where a motorcyclist faces a super durable handicap for which recuperation is unimaginable, a fruitful individual injury guarantee can likewise give remuneration to the expenses of long haul care that the motorcyclist will expect for their lifetime.
  • Lost compensation. Because of the serious wounds that motorcyclists frequently face in an accident, the survivor of a cruiser mishap can pass up huge number of dollars in pay due to putting a hold on of work to recuperate. Indeed, even a minor bike mishap can bring about missed time from work. Pay lost from being not able to work after a bike mishap is recoverable in an individual injury guarantee.
  • Property harm. In the event that you were engaged with a mishap on your cruiser particularly one where you slammed into another vehicle-your bicycle might have experienced serious harm in the accident, and will either require broad fixes or be considered added up to. Indeed, even in minor crashes, a cruiser can support critical harm on the off chance that the bicycle is set down because of the mishap. An individual physical issue guarantee can give monetary remuneration to a biker to one or the other fix or supplant their harmed vehicle.

Non-Economic Damages

As any motorcyclist who has been engaged with a mishap knows, the wounds coming about because of a cruiser mishap reach out a long ways past the monetary domain. Albeit nobody can join a dollar add up to the experiencing that a motorcyclist got through both during and after a mishap, an individual physical issue guarantee in any case gives some financial measure of remuneration for “non-monetary” harms caused in a bike mishap, for example,

  • Actual agony that the motorcyclist experienced both during and after the accident;
  • Long-lasting incapacity that a motorcyclist should live with;
  • Close to home injury that the motorcyclist has endured because of their mishap, like gloom, uneasiness, or failure to rest (a sleeping disorder); and
  • Reduced personal satisfaction because of a deficiency of the capacity to invest quality energy with family, companions, and friends and family.

Corrective Damages

In uncommon cases, a motorcyclist’s mishap can be credited to a driver whose activities were so surprising or grievous that basically repaying the motorcyclist for their misfortunes isn’t sufficient. For these cases, an extra type of pay called “correctional” harms exists. The motivation behind reformatory harms isn’t to assist a bike mishap with recuperating for the misfortunes the person has endured; rather, similar to its name could suggest, these harms are expected to rebuff the to blame driver who caused the mishap. In uncommon cases, an adjudicator or jury will grant these harms in order to consider the to blame party responsible for their activities and act as an advance notice to the people who should participate in comparative activities later on.


At the point when you are engaged with a bike mishap, insurance strategies — whether your own contract or that of the to blame driver — become critical.

Least Liability Requirements

The territory of Texas requires all drivers to convey a base measure of obligation protection inclusion, which is at times alluded to as “30/60/25”. These numbers address the base measure of protection inclusion that a driver should be safeguarded for in the event of a mishap. The primary number — 30-implies that an individual should convey at least $30,000 in inclusion for each harmed individual, while the 60 implies that an individual should be guaranteed for something like $60,000 in punitive fees per mishap. The last number — 25-addresses that an individual needs to convey $25,000 for property harm emerging out of a mishap.

PIP Insurance

Individual injury security (PIP) protection is a type of protection which gives repayment to costs like clinical costs, lost compensation and long haul care after a mishap. Despite the fact that something like $2,500 in PIP protection is legally necessary to be proposed to drivers by protection suppliers, a waiver can be marked declining such inclusion.

PIP protection is a type of no-shortcoming protection that covers wounds that you support in a cruiser mishap regardless of whether you were to blame in your mishap.

UM/UIM Insurance

It is assessed that 1 out of each and every 10 drivers in the province of Texas are driving uninsured. At the point when a motorcyclist is a not harmed by a driver have protection to cover the casualty’s wounds, the monetary outcomes for a casualty can obliterate. Thusly, an exceptional type of protection inclusion exists for this very circumstance. Uninsured driver protection/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) Like PIP protection, UM/UIM protection should be proposed to all drivers who are getting protection, yet can be postponed by the safeguarded individual.

Property Insurance

Regardless of whether you rose up out of a bike mishap solid, your cruiser might not have had a similar karma. Assuming that your bicycle was harmed or added up to in a mishap, crash and thorough inclusion exist to take care of the expense of fixing or supplanting your cruiser. Crash inclusion deals with these costs on the off chance that your vehicle was harmed or added up to in a mishap, while thorough inclusion steps in assuming that your vehicle was harmed by another component, like harm by hail or a flood.

Except if you own your vehicle out and out, there is no way to avoid having this type of protection — as long as you have a credit on your vehicle, property protection inclusion will be expected by your bank.


One of the primary calls that you are probably going to get after your cruiser mishap will be from an insurance agency. Assuming you are experiencing the repercussions of a bike mishap, an admonition light ought to go off in your mind when an individual on the opposite finish of the telephone says that they are from an insurance agency. By remembering the accompanying data, you can more readily safeguard your lawful freedoms after a cruiser mishap.

Try not to Fall Into a False Sense of Security

More often than not, the protection agent that you address will sound incredibly cordial and merciful. Toward the finish of your call, you might feel like your monetary remuneration is perhaps of the main component on the delegate’s plan for the day. All through your discussions with the protection delegates, in any case, it’s basic to remember that an insurance agency is a business. Very much like some other business, the insurance agency’s definitive objective is to be essentially as productive as could really be expected. The least demanding and best method for doing so is to toss out low settlement offers to the individuals who are confronting wounds from a mishap. Delegates of these organizations are prepared to assist the protection with companying benefit however much as could reasonably be expected.

Regardless of who is on the opposite stopping point, it means a lot to stay on high alert at whatever point you converse with any individual who is partnered with an insurance agency. This incorporates your own insurance agency never be baited into a feeling of solace while conversing with your own insurance agency since you are their guaranteed client. By the day’s end, your own insurance agency is a business very much like some other, and like all organizations, its primary objective is to expand income and diminishing expenses.

Try not to Blindly Sign Insurance Forms

After you’ve been engaged with a mishap, it likely will not be excessively well before you get an email, fax, or bundle via the post office containing reports that an insurance agency is mentioning you to sign. Before you put your pen to a solitary piece of paper given by an insurance agency, it’s essential to have a lawyer who is knowledgeable about private injury claims survey the records.

Insurance agency send drained, harmed mishap casualties reports trusting that they’ll sign before they get an opportunity to carry a lawyer in with the general mish-mash. These records might be confounding or, may appear to be totally innocuous. Regardless of what kind of desk work the insurance agency is mentioning you to finish up, you can have confidence that it’s intended to assist the protection with companying’s case as opposed to yours-all things considered, how could an insurance agency make and circulate a report that is destructive to their inclinations?

Bewildered bike mishap casualties who sign protection reports aimlessly in line with an insurance agency frequently transfer ownership of basic freedoms and cures at regulation. By marking this desk work, you could be restricting the specialists and clinical experts that you are permitted to see, or could make the way for an insurance agency having the option to get to your whole clinical history to attempt to guarantee that your wounds weren’t a consequence of your cruiser mishap.

It’s a Safe Bet that Your Phone Calls are Being Recorded

Whenever you talk with a delegate of an insurance agency via telephone, it’s really smart to talk as though a whole room of individuals are tuning in. Calls to or from a protection transporter are quite often recorded. This isn’t for “quality confirmation,” as a delegate could attempt to make sense of. In actuality, an insurance agency’s calls are kept with the expectation that the casualty of a mishap will goof and offer something implicating in the call. At the point when that occurs, an insurance agency will promptly utilize that recorded call as ammo to offer a disagreeably low settlement figure-or, much more dreadful, deny inclusion out and out. Continuously be cautious while talking with an insurance agency’s agents via telephone.


Regardless of the conditions of your bike mishap, a protection guarantee by and large beginnings with a similar initial step: revealing the case to the insurance agency. Assuming you were a guiltless party in the disaster area, you ought to report the mishap to the to blame party’s protection supplier (whose data will show up on the police report). In the wake of detailing the mishap, a protection agent will call you to acquire data about.the mishap and your wounds.

After your bike mishap is accounted for to the to blame party’s protection transporter, the organization will lead an itemized examination of your mishap. During this time, you’ll probably be approached to give any proof or documentation you have about the mishap. In certain examples, you might be approached to go to a clinical assessment by a free doctor picked by the protection transporter. When the protection transporter has finished its examination and assembled all vital documentation about your bike mishap, an agent will survey current realities and make an assurance of the misfortunes that you experienced in the mishap. The agent will survey these realities and may give you a dollar add up to settle your case.

Be Wary of Settlement Offers

In the event that you are given a settlement offer by an insurance agency only a couple of days or weeks after your bike mishap, it’s critical to look for an accomplished individual physical issue lawyer’s direction prior to tolerating the settlement offer. At the point when an insurance agency offers you a settlement sum not long after your mishap, you can be sure that it’s not on the grounds that the they care about you getting your remuneration as soon a potential. Rather, these speedy offers are intended to snare harmed casualties of mishaps to acknowledge a settlement offer before the casualty gets an opportunity to survey their wounds completely. Wounds, for example, persistent migraines and extreme back agony can require weeks — or even months — to surface after a cruiser mishap. By offering you a settlement figure right off the bat in the game, an insurance agency is trusting that you settle prior to understanding the full degree of your wounds. Continuously run a settlement offer by an individual injury lawyer prior to tolerating the settlement, since you can’t return and request more remuneration later in the event that you understand you really want it.


Since most cases are settled before the case at any point must be prosecuted, by far most of bike mishap casualties never see within a court. Albeit this is the most well-known result, it isn’t the one to focus on; at times, the gatherings can’t come to a settlement and a claim should be documented against the to blame party.

On the off chance that you’ve never been engaged with a preliminary, walking into the court can be a scary encounter. Knowing what’s in store, notwithstanding, makes the cycle more agreeable and can facilitate your nerves.

The Jury Trial from Start to Finish

  • Voir critical: bike mishap cases are, a then by and large heard by a jury choose the consequence of the case. These members of the jury are chosen from a pool of expected legal hearers during an interaction called “voir desperate.” During this time, the lawyers for the offended party and respondent both have the valuable chance to get rid of any one-sided legal hearers.
  • Opening contentions: this phase of the interaction starts off the preliminary. The two players’ lawyers will actually want to affirm — as an initial articulation — who they accept caused your bike mishap and who the jury ought to agree with and rule for toward the finish of the case.
  • Shutting contentions: this phase of the preliminary is the last gone for each party’s lawyer to express their place of the case. Every lawyer will utilize their translation of current realities of your motorcycle.accident, and will attempt to convince the jury that they ought to choose the case in their client’s approval.
  • Jury consideration: after every lawyer has argued their case, the jury will be taken out from the court and sequestered into a confidential room where the singular legal hearers can cooperate to come to a choice of who was to blame for your situation.
  • Decision: when the jury has come to a choice about the result of your case, the hearers will get back to the court and report who the jury has designated shortcoming to in your cruiser mishap.

At The Barber Law Firm, we perceive that each case that we take on has the capability of going to preliminary, regardless of whether the possibilities are thin. That is the reason we set up each case as though a claim will happen — if your bike mishap case goes to preliminary, we are prepared to contend your case certainly.


However numerous motorcyclists make a safeguard move, mishaps can’t be totally stayed away from. At the point when you are confronted with a bike mishap, you ought to go to proper lengths to guarantee your legitimate privileges are safeguarded by reaching a cruiser mishap legal advisor.


Protection agents know the intricate details of individual injury claims. These organizations can blow away a harmed casualty who isn’t safeguarded by a lawyer’s portrayal. The most effective way to fortify your opportunities to effectively fight an insurance agency is to outfit yourself with a similarly experienced and learned in both individual lawyer injury regulation and the privileges that motorcyclists are qualified for subsequent to being engaged with a mishap.

By and large, an insurance agency is more able to give a higher settlement to bike mishap casualties who have a lawyer battling close by than one who is conquering the cases interaction alone. A higher repayment implies more cash in your pocket to remake your life after your cruiser mishap.

One of the gainful administrations that an individual injury legal counselor can give a survivor of a cruiser mishap is a shoulder to rest on. By employing a lawyer to assume control in a bike mishap case, the survivor of the mishap can sit back and relax realizing that their freedoms are being secured and their inclinations are being battled for. By removing the pressure from an individual physical issue guarantee, a bike mishap legal counselor can give a harmed motorcyclist one of the main administrations of all-the capacity to concentrate all of their energy on recuperating to the furthest reaches conceivable after a mishap.

When Don’t I Need an Attorney’s Help?

Albeit by far most of cruiser mishap casualties can expand their possibilities of an effective result with the assistance of an individual physical issue lawyer, situations really do exist in which a bike mishap casualty wouldn’t be helped a lot of by a lawyer’s assistance.

At The Barber Law Firm, we are focused on assisting the individuals who with requiring it, but on the other hand are similarly dedicated to being forthright with the people who wouldn’t profit from our assistance. You never need to stress over being baited into being a client to give a check we value placing our trustworthiness over our pay. Along these lines, in the event that you stand to acquire from taking on your bike mishap without a lawyer’s assistance, we will tell you.

Lawyers Are Not “One Size Fits All”

At the point when you have been associated with a bike mishap, it’s basic to get your work done while choosing a lawyer to help you with your own physical issue guarantee. All things considered, any mishap casualty’s case ought to just be dealt with a broad by a lawyer experience and legitimate preparation in taking care of individual injury claims. Be brilliant while picking a lawyer, and stick with one who focuses on this area of regulation similarly as you wouldn’t go to a stomach specialist for a heart condition, you shouldn’t go to an in corporate lawyer regulation to deal with your own physical issue guarantee.

In any event, when you’ve found an individual injury lawyer that you’re OK with, it’s critical to ensure that the lawyer has taken care of bike mishap cases before. Individual injury cases aren’t worked with a cutout shape; all cases are unique, and bike mishap cases require extra mastery of a legal counselor who knows the intricate details of taking care of mishaps including cruisers.

Arm Yourself With The Barber Law Firm’s Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

On the off chance that you’ve been harmed in a cruiser mishap in the Dallas – Fort Worth region, you don’t need to look any further to find the lawful portrayal you really want to get the monetary pay you merit. At The Barber Law Firm, Kris Barber and his whole legitimate group are focused on completely taking on the battle with the insurance agency so you don’t need to. From past portrayal of endless cruiser mishap casualties, our group has gotten the experience and information that you want assuming you have been engaged with a bike mishap that came about in:

  • Broken bones or torn muscles, ligaments, or tendons,
  • Wounds requiring a medical procedure, stitches, staples;
  • Horrendous Brain Injury, including those brought about by oxygen hardship;
  • Extreme consumes bringing about critical and super durable scarring;
  • Mental misery and profound trouble;
  • Wounds brought about by an impact with a driver that was inebriated, hindered or generally affected by opiates or medications at the hour of the mishap; or
  • The passing of a friend or family member on a cruiser.

Possibility Arrangements Eliminate Any Risk

Its a well known fact that lawyers charge high expenses for the legitimate work that they perform. Thusly, numerous casualties of bike mishaps shun looking for legitimate portrayal from an individual physical issue lawyer since they don’t believe that they can bear the cost of a lawyer’s assistance. In the event that you are in a comparative position, there’s compelling reason need to stress.

The group of individual injury legal counselors at The Barber Law Firm accept that a bike mishap casualty ought to never be kept from the pay that they need and merit in view of a failure to employ a lawyer. To this end The Barber Law Firm handles portrayal of cruiser mishap casualties on an unadulterated possibility premise, and that implies that you bear no costs forthright or en route. There are no surprises you don’t pay a counsel expense, retainer, or any underlying costs like recording charges for us to help you with your case. Our lawyers are just made up for addressing you in your cruiser mishap case in the event that you leave your case with cash in your pocket. Any other way, you don’t pay a nickel in costs. At the end of the day, you don’t have anything to lose by conversing with a lawyer at The Barber Law Firm about your cruiser mishap.

Don’t Hold back We’re Available every minute of every day

On the off chance that you are prepared to seek after an individual injury guarantee or are wavering about whether to record such a case the group of cruiser mishap legal counselors at The Barber Law Firm are just a call or message away. We’re holding on to safeguard our clients’ privileges and assist them with getting the remuneration they merit for the wounds they never ought to have endured.


On the off chance that you’ve been harmed as the driver or traveler of a bike in a mishap, the significance of talking with a cruiser mishap lawyer rapidly can’t be focused sufficiently on. Because of regulations called “rules of limit,” you don’t have a limitless measure of time to record an individual physical issue guarantee against the individual who caused your mishap. It’s critical to comprehend that exchanges to settle the case don’t dial back or stop this time limit-in the event that your case doesn’t settle in the span of two years of the date of your mishap, you should document a claim before the two-year commemoration of your disaster area to continue to seek after legitimate solutions for your mishap.

In by far most of bike mishap cases, the casualty should document a claim against the to blame party in something like two years of the date of their mishap. While it might seem like you have a lot of opportunity to talk with a lawyer in short order terminates, it’s critical to talk with a cruiser mishap legal counselor as soon as possible. After the legal time limit has terminated, a cruiser mishap casualty’s case will quite often be tossed out by an appointed authority, and the casualty will have no legitimate response for the wounds maintained.


On the off chance that you are a motorcyclist who is confronting the consequence of a mishap in the Dallas – Fort Worth area of Texas, you ought to zero in your significant investment on what’s most significant after your mishap mending. Try not to attempt to deal with an individual physical issue guarantee without anyone else with The Barber Law Firm on backup, you don’t need to face your conflict alone. Our bike mishap attorneys have the experience and lawful information expected to get the monetary pay you merit for the wounds that you never ought to have supported.

To find out about your legitimate privileges after your mishap and figure out how to safeguard these freedoms, contact the group of cruiser mishap lawyers at The Barber Law Firm straightaway. We’re prepared to take the heaviness of an individual physical issue guarantee off your shoulders and battle for a fair result to talk with an individual from our cruiser mishap group about your accident, call (972) 231-5800 or finish up our internet based contact structure today.

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