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Have you been harmed in a cruiser mishap in or around the Long Beach region? Regardless of whether you were the driver of the cruiser, Long Beach bike mishap legal advisor Belal Hamideh can assist you with recuperating all of the remuneration you merit for all that you’ve experienced.

Riding a bike can be a mind boggling experience, not at all like anything more. Sadly, it tends to be perilous, as well. Wounds from a cruiser mishap can be more regrettable than those from different sorts of mishaps, prompting shocking wounds or more terrible for yourself as well as your friends and family. Bike mishaps represent over 15% of all fatalities from vehicular mishaps in California.

Counting up the clinical expenses engaged with a bike mishap, they could incorporate recovery, long haul care, a decrease in the capacity to work, torment, enduring, and that’s just the beginning, cruiser mishaps could cost you millions. Belal Hamideh can help you. You can plan a free conference with our group so you can get all of the remuneration you merit at

Is it Worth Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Indeed. It is totally worth the effort for you to enlist a Long Beach cruiser mishap legal counselor. The right attorney can forcefully safeguard your wellbeing while at the same time safeguarding your lawful privileges, all while pursuing assisting you with getting the most extreme remuneration for your case.

A legal counselor with experience in bike mishap cases will know how to appropriately esteem your case so you get all the pay you ought to (and nothing less). They know about the cutoff times for everything, including recording suit, submitting proof, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, so your inclinations are dependably at the very front. They can guarantee your hospital expenses are paid for the most reduced sum conceivable, request police/traffic reports, and do such countless different assignments so you don’t need to stress over them.

Besides, a cruiser mishap lawyer knows how to manage insurance agency. They comprehend your strategies, how they apply to your case, what the insurance agency is attempting to do, and how to verify that you get all that you ought to from the insurance agency (whether through settlement or in court). The right lawyer can help you in numerous ways.

What Compensation Can I Receive for My Motorcycle Accident?

You can get remuneration for both your non-financial harms along with your monetary harms. Your financial harms are the costs from your physical issue, for example, your doctor’s visit expenses from mishap wounds, the pay you might have lost now or you could lose from now on, the amount it expenses to fix your cruiser or supplant your bike, etc. Would it be advisable for you have experienced more serious wounds, your financial harms could incorporate recovery, exercise based recuperation, future clinical treatment, even home alterations, etc.

Your non-monetary harms, then again, incorporate your agony, your profound anguish, and all that you’ve needed to go through since your bike mishap. Your harms could incorporate what’s designated “Loss of Consortium,” which would be the deficiency of your companion. “Loss of pleasure in your life” harms would repay you for not having the option to partake in exercises you delighted in before the mishap. We can assist you with getting remuneration for all that you’re qualified for.

Who Can I Sue for My Motorcycle Accident?

You can sue the individual who is liable for your accident. All things considered, you record a suit against them is just the start of the interaction. Also, you need to demonstrate the other driver’s carelessness and you need to demonstrate that carelessness caused your mishap as well as your harms.

To lay out a case for carelessness, you and your lawyer should demonstrate four fundamental components. You should show the respondent owed you a “obligation of care.” That implies the other driver’s “obligation” to you and different drivers were to drive in a protected, sensible way. Then, you should show that the other driver penetrated that obligation by one or the other neglecting to make a move or making a move. From that point, you should show that the break caused your mishap. In conclusion, you should show that because of your mishap, you have endured harms. An accomplished lawyer can assist you with demonstrating those.

How Long Will it Take to Settle My Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Your mishap is not the same as every other person’s, so the time your case takes will be unique. Our group has had numerous clients who get a settlement in only half a month, and ideally, yours is such a case. All things considered, we’ve likewise had clients whose cases required years and even needed to go to preliminary. We generally battle forcefully for individuals like you who have been harmed in a mishap. For your case and for every other person’s, we can say that the prior you contact a lawyer, the previous we can get to work ensuring you get all that you ought to.

Normal Examples of Motorcycle Accidents

Maybe the most widely recognized bike mishaps include cruisers striking (or being struck by) vehicles that are bigger than the cruiser. This happens frequently in and around the Long Beach region for some reasons, not the least of which is that our city incorporates the Port of Long Beach, one of the world’s most active business ports. Huge number of semi-trucks and other enormous vehicles enter and leave Long Beach everyday. Add to that the approximately 900,000 vehicles city inhabitants own, and those are numerous threats to motorcyclists.

The most widely recognized reason for cruiser mishaps is, sadly, driving impaired. Studies have shown that it represents generally ¼ of cruiser mishaps including a casualty. Other normal elements incorporate extreme speed, biker/driver naiveté, foolish/occupied driving, path parting, and so forth. In any case, many variables are beyond the motorcyclist’s control, for example, failing/flawed bikes, hazardous street conditions, perceivability disability, and others.

On the off chance that you are in a bike mishap, the most widely recognized wounds incorporate broken bones, whiplash, street rash consumes (which can be extremely serious), even horrible cerebrum wounds (TBI), wounds to the spinal rope, and halfway or complete loss of motion. Regardless of what you experienced in a mishap, our group can help you.

What is it that I Need to Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

After your mishap, you might just feel a surge of adrenaline, you might be in shock, etc. Follow these means:

  • Security first. Move yourself decently well. Stand out regardless of whether you feel like you have a physical issue at this moment.
  • Call the police. Your police report will be vital for your own physical issue case.
  • Get the Other Person’s Contact Info. You need to get the name, number, permit, address, protection subtleties, and vehicle depiction from anybody associated with the mishap.
  • Record the scene. On the off chance that you’re capable, you ought to accept photos of your wounds as well as the location of your mishap.
  • Try not to concede shortcoming. There’s no great explanation for you to assume the fault following the mishap.
  • You ought to contact an accomplished lawyer. We can help you through the cycle constantly.

What Happens on the off chance that I Wasn’t Wearing My Helmet?

You ought to constantly wear a head protector on your cruiser. California regulation expresses that all cruiser drivers, as well as travelers, should continuously wear a cap on a bike. On the off chance that you are in a bike mishap and you’re not wearing a protective cap at that point, you might be seen as somewhat liable for your wounds.

Notwithstanding, California’s known as a “near carelessness express.” That implies you can in any case look for and recuperate remuneration for your aggravation, enduring, and wounds, even if you weren’t wearing a cap during your mishap. We have assisted numerous clients in the past with precisely that.

What Happens in the event that I Don’t Have Insurance?

You can in any case get remuneration for your wounds on the off chance that you don’t have protection and the other party was to blame for your mishap. Nonetheless, your remuneration will be altogether diminished, as you don’t have risk inclusion.

Truth be told, on the off chance that you don’t convey protection and are harmed in a bike mishap however you weren’t to blame, you will in any case be punished for your absence of protection. All California drivers need to convey responsibility protection.

In particular, you will be punished for not being permitted to look for pay for your aggravation and enduring, the non-monetary harms. You will be limited to looking for remuneration for your monetary harms. We can in any case assist you with recuperating the most extreme sum.

Enlist a Long Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

Long Beach bike mishap legal counselor Belal Hamideh has been helping individuals harmed in cruiser mishaps like you for quite a while. Presently, he can give that experience something to do for you for your situation. You don’t need to pay until after the case, as you will not need to pay any charges until we win.

It’s justifiable that you should put off contacting a lawyer after your mishap, yet the sooner you improve an opportunity you’ll have of getting the greatest remuneration. You have a long time from your mishap to record a claim for your wounds. Be that as it may, in the event that you do it sooner, the sooner you can accept your remuneration. The last thing you maintain that should do is to hold on until it’s past the point of no return for you. We’re prepared to help you. To plan a free conference with Belal Hamideh Law, call (562) 526-1224.

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