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One kind of private injury claim that we see a great deal of here at the law workplaces of Herrman and Herrman is cruiser mishap injury cases. Cruiser mishaps can be wrecking as they as a rule include riders who don’t wear caps and other defensive stuff. This implies that when a mishap happens, cruiser riders frequently experience serious wounds.

With serious wounds, it doesn’t take well before doctor’s visit expenses and different costs fire stacking up quicker than individuals and their families can deal with. In the event that you can’t work during treatment or recuperation, or on the other hand in the event that you can’t get back to your occupation in view of injury, you might be stressed over how you’ll at any point get back on your monetary feet.

Texas regulation permits harmed motorcyclists to recuperate remuneration for these and other related costs from the driver(s) answerable for causing the mishap in the event that the accident was brought about by carelessness or foolishness.

Assuming you were harmed in a cruiser mishap brought about by a careless or foolish driver close to San Antonio, TX the accomplished bike injury lawyers of Herrman and Herrman are here to assist you with recuperating the pay that you are lawfully qualified for. Call us today at (361) 882-4357 or reach us online to set up a free beginning meeting.


Any individual who has been truly harmed in a cruiser mishap ought to genuinely consider employing an individual physical issue lawyer. Our legal advisors are here to address your wellbeing and assist with guaranteeing you recuperate from your wounds and continue on with your own personal business.

At the point when a lot is on the line, it is basic to have an accomplished proficient in your corner who has the expertise and skill important to tie down the most ideal result to your case. Our lawyers w will actually want to help you in the entirety of the accompanying ways:

  • Evaluate current realities of your case and decide if you are qualified for gather remuneration under Texas regulation,
  • Make sense of how individual injury claims work in Texas and walk you through each step of the cycle,
  • Accumulate proof that upholds your case and reinforces your case,
  • Work out the absolute degree of your misfortunes and look for everything of harms permitted by regulation,
  • Masterfully haggle with protection suppliers for your sake,
  • Record your own physical issue guarantee with the court,
  • Haggle for a fair settlement from the to blame party’s insurance agency
  • If fundamental, forcefully address you in court.

Holding an equipped bike lawyer not just takes the errands recorded above off your plate, yet in addition empowers you to zero in on your recuperation as opposed to your claim. At the point when you recruit Herrman and Herrman you can have confidence that your own physical issue guarantee is good to go, that we understand what we’re doing, and that we will do everything possible to win your case.


Many cruiser impacts happen on the grounds that a driver was careless who neglect to regard the freedoms of bikers to share the street. Accidents can be brought about by drivers who are occupied, excessively forceful, tired, affected by liquor or medications, or different elements. A considerable lot of the bike mishap cases that we see here at Herrman and Herrman are brought about by:

  • Inability to see the biker in the path close to the vehicle
  • Speeding
  • Closely following
  • Hazardous path changes
  • Diverted driving
  • Tired driving
  • Intoxicated or sedated driving
  • Over the top anger

At the point when a driver’s careless or wild conduct causes a bike mishap in Texas that driver can be considered legitimately liable for any subsequent injury/misfortunes in light of the fact that every driver out and about is lawfully committed to work their vehicle in a protected and mindful way.

At the point when this obligation of care is penetrated, and subsequently another person is hurt, that hurt individual can gather pay for their misfortunes from the driver who harmed them. Most cruiser cycle individual injury mishaps in Texas follow this example and name the driver (or drivers) who caused the mishap as litigants. In any case, it ought to be noticed that in certain conditions different gatherings can likewise be held to blame.

For instance, on the off chance that the driver who caused the mishap was driving for their manager at the hour of the mishap (maybe a long stretch driver, messenger, postal worker, and so on) then the business can some of the time be considered liable for the activities of their driver.

Moreover, in the event that the mishap was brought about by a flawed or failing part on the cruiser or on another vehicle the creator/producer of the defective party can at times be expected to take responsibility for causing the mishap. Moreover, on the off chance that the mishap was brought about by an ineffectively kept up with street or lacking signage then the city inside which the mishap happened can in some cases be held to blame.


Bike mishaps can cause essentially any injury under the sun, however the absolute most regularly supported wounds include:

  • Street rash
  • Cracked and broken bones
  • Consumes
  • Nerve harm
  • Cut away appendages
  • Loss of motion
  • Horrible mind wounds
  • Spinal line wounds


How much pay accessible for cruiser individual injury claims in Texas changes from one case to another, yet as a rule (otherwise known as the cash granted to the person in question) frequently incorporates remuneration for the accompanying:

  • Clinical costs (both past and anticipated),
  • Lost profit (both past and anticipated),
  • Agony and languishing,
  • Mental torment, and
  • Loss of happiness regarding life (on the off chance that a super durable incapacity was endured).

As you might have guested, working out harms in an individual injury claim can in some cases be very precarious. For example, how much cash is an individual’s aggravation and experiencing worth? Obviously an individual’s torment isn’t quantifiable in a dollar sum, however in light of a legitimate concern for equity the court attempts to relegate a financial figure in any case.

To make this assurance, the court will pay attention to contentions from the two sides, so you should have an educated lawyer pushing for your benefit who will convince the court to grant all that you merit.


The fallout of a cruiser wreck can be an unpleasant haze, yet assuming that you can make the accompanying strides you can have confidence that your lawful privileges have been secured and that you are in the most ideal position.

  1. Watch What You Say: Accident casualties frequently experience a surge of adrenaline straightforwardly after the disaster area which can cause them not to think obviously and, subsequently, proclaim explanations that they don’t required mean. For instance, mishap casualties once in a while make statements like “Please accept my apologies” following the accident as a kind of reflex reaction to the pressure of the circumstance. Albeit this might appear as though a harmless articulation it can hurt your subsequent individual injury case since others might have accepted your explanation as an affirmation that the accident was your shortcoming.
  2. Archive the Scene of the Accident: If conceivable, record the location of the mishap as completely as possible. Take photographs and recordings of where the mishap happened, the degree of every single noticeable injury, and any subsequent property harm. Completely recording the location of a mishap likewise incorporates documenting a police report, so make certain to call 911 and document an authority report, as well as bringing down the names and contact data of any observers who saw what occurred.
  3. Contact Your Insurance Provider: Be certain to contact your protection suppliers and let them in on about the mishap straightaway. Basically all insurance contracts expect that you speedily tell the supplier that a mishap has happened, so ensure that you make sure to straightforwardly call them. Notwithstanding, remember that your protection supplier is boosted to pay out however little as conceivable when a case may be made. In this way, in the event that you have been truly harmed try to talk with an individual physical issue lawyer about your legitimate choices prior to consenting to any settlement proposed by your protection supplier.
  4. Archive Your Recovery: Take care to completely report the degree of your wounds as well as your recuperation cycle and the effect that your wounds have had on your life. In a perfect world you ought to keep on taking photographs of your noticeable wounds while they recuperate to report your recuperation, record notes about each specialist visit that you have, monitor all recuperation related costs that you cause, and keep a journal archiving what the wounds have meant for your capacity to work/lead day to day exercises.
  5. Talk with a Local Attorney: Lastly, the very best step that you can take to safeguard your lawful freedoms is to talk with a neighborhood mishap lawyer straight away. A mishap attorney will actually want to assess current realities of your case, educate you regarding your legitimate choices, and instruct the best course concerning activity given your extraordinary conditions.

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